Monday, October 29, 2007

Party in the "A" with J.D.-BET's Pre Hip Hop Awards Party

Jermaine Dupri along with hosted the 2nd annual Hip Hop Awards pre-party at his newly opened club, Studio 72 in Tucker, GA. The stars came out to shine:
Ci Ci
Hell Date's Pierre
Melissa Ford

Tiff's Tidbits

A calm and pleasant weekend is what I had. I hung out with my girl Monica from D.C.

Had a New Edition siting- Ricky & Ronnie. It's always good to have an N.E. siting.

Ricky informed us that BBD were going to perform for Gabrielle Union's bday bash (I'm still trying to find photos from that party) he also informed us that Bobby, Ralph and Johnny were performing that same night at a Barry Bonds party. Always good to see the best boy band since the Jacksons.

I did a 5mile walk over the weekend. I think I'm gonna add walking to my workout routine. It's really refreshing to be outside than in the boring gym.

Yesterday, I hung out with my oldest nephew. He's my 6 year old road dog. It was day 2 of him teaching me how to the the Soulja Boy dance. I'll have the video footage of that soon. I'm trying to get the first half of the dance down first and then I'll post.

I love creative writing. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with y'all.

Much Love,

Everybody's Favorite (wink)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Marion Jones to Admit to Steroid Use

"After years of angry denials, Marion Jones is ready to admit she doped.The three-time Olympic gold medalist is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in White Plains, N.Y., on Friday to plead guilty to charges in connection with steroid use, a federal law enforcement source told The Associated Press."(SOURCE-READ MORE)

Tyler Perry's-Why Did I Get Married Premiere- Los Angeles

The premiere of Tyler Perry's, Why Did I Get Married went down last night at Hollywood's Cinerama Dome. Here are some photos from the red carpet.
Why Did I Get Married, in theaters only, on Friday, October 12Th.
Reuben Cannon (movie's producer), Ms. Jackson, & Tyler Perry

Ms. Jackson

L.A. Reid & Ms. Jackson

Lamman Rucker
My new play boyfriend- for the week.

His Fine-ss is against the law-just plain ole' illegal.
Trust me, he's about to become the next sought after leading man...Amen!

Jill Scott

Michael Jai White & date

Tasha Smith- an amazing thespian

Sharon Leal

Eva Pigford

Click here to read my review of the film

All photos courtesy of Gregg DeGuire/Wireimage

VH-1 Hip Hop Honors-Backstage & Arrivals

Chris Rock & Andre Harrell

Ci Ci


Kerry Washington

Kool Moe Dee

LL Cool J & Chuck D.

Just too sexy for the shirt, huh?...I see you Mel...take it off...take it off.



Above photos courtesy of Mark Von Holden/Wireimage

VH-1 Hip Hop Honors- Performance

Here are photos from the VH-1 Hip Hop Honors show, which went down last night in New York at Hammerstein Ballroom. Tracy Morgan held the mic as the host. Honorees include: A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg, Missy, Whodini, New Jack Swing Movement & Wild Style. The show airs Saturday, October 8th on VH-1 at 10PM.
Diddy- New Jack Swing Tribute

LL introducing the Wild Style Tribute -Lord, thank U for creating LL... i just gotta say, thank U!
Keyshia Cole & Ne-Yo (New Jack Swing Tribute)

Ciara-rockin' it out during the Missy tribute

Timbaland & Tweet (Missy Elliot Tribute)

Busta Rhymes- A Tribe Called Quest Tribute


Above photos courtesy of Stephen Lovekin

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ohh gawd. Britney Loses Custody of the Kids


My own personal Britney Rant.

I am about to have a Chris Crocker cry moment. I love Britney. I just want this girl to be okay. She so needs a hug. I am thrilled that the courts are doing what's best for the kids and if the judge feels she is unstable to properly parent her children, then she should not have custody of them. Kid Safety is first!!

What I don't understand is why SOME people are so obsessed with contributing to the downspiral of any human being's life. Britney has some sort of mental disconnect and I just hope that if I one day have some "issues" (i do have some, but they are not obvious-lol)that people would not add to them by kicking me while I'm down.

I hope she takes this time to really bring balance and focus into her world so she can work on having a healthy life and relationship with her children and their father.

J. Holiday- CD In-Stores Tomorrow

R&B crooner J. Holiday's CD in-stores tomorrow. I've been feeling this dude's vocal delivery in his chart-topping single, BED. I'm hoping the rest of the CD will have some more jams as well.

Check out his Myspace page to get a preview of what you can expect from his release.

In-store and online Tues. Oct 2nd.

J.Holiday's Myspace Page


In case you missed Kanye on Saturday Night Live, here's a clip of his skit from the show.

He also performed twice and incorporated 4 songs from the album into the performances.

Loved it a lot.

Note to SNL: Kanye would've been a great host.